Training at RUSH, whether it be in group classes or private sessions, is an experience like unlike anything you have ever expected from a martial arts or fitness coach. Besides his martial arts knowledge being second to none, and his ability to still "walk the walk", Master Instructor Richard Raciti is also a military veteran, an executive protection specialist, former actor, stand-up comedian, and author. Mr. Raciti's witty repartee and razor-sharp knowledge base has earned him a reputation as a straight-forward consultant and confidant to many icon's in the professional and entertainment world. FORBES Magazine has quoted him. Dan Rather of CNBC has quoted him. His clients have included Actor William Baldwin, Producer Deandra Douglas (former Mrs. Michael Douglas), former NFL star Mark Gastineau, Day Trading Guru Harvey Houtkin, and many other influential personalities and business leaders.

Muay Thai

Thai Kickboxing, also known as Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand. Although many people think of Thai boxing as the toughest and most physically demanding ring sport in the world, it is excellent for self-defense and personal protection. Many UFC and MMA fighters are now learning Muay Thai due to it's effectiveness and ability to utilize Muay Thai techniques in Mixed Martial Arts competitions. At RUSH you will train side by side with Muay Thai world champions, belt holders, gold medalists, and people who just love the sport and all the physical and mental benefits that come with it.

The training includes shadow boxing, heavy bag work, Thai pads, focus mitts and belly pads to teach you the right way to kick, knee, and punch and elbow with full power and precision. You'll practice boxing techniques like jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, spinning backfists, combinations, slipping, sticking, moving, footwork, clinching and stand-up grappling. Training segments are a great workouts that develop toughness, physical as well as mental conditioning, and a “Never Quit” attitude. If you want to engage in sparring you must have full equipment and be approved by the senior instructor.

RUSH's Muay Thai program is well known as the area's top Muay Thai Training Camp. Whether you are a beginner looking for self defense training and conditioning or a seasoned athlete looking to tune up for your next bout, RUSH Thai Boxing Camp offers an intense training package designed to meet your training needs. Personally instructed by Kru Richard Raciti and assisted by world champions and experienced instructors, fighters, and guest instructors, at the EDGE you know you are learning from the very best!

Kru Raciti is also an experienced San Da and San Shou coach. Kru Raciti is a certified instructor and gratefull student of famed Muay Thai coach Master Kumron Vaitayanon "Master K". Master K sends many of his private students to Kru Raciti for pre-fight training and strategy as well as some of the best sparring partners available.



Team Joe Moreira

Certified Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 4TH Degree Black Belt - Professor Richard Raciti

BJJ is a style of martial arts unlike any other. It is a blend of traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu with modern day submissions and ground grappling movements developed by the Gracie family in Brazil in the 1940's. Since that time, many BJJ practitioners have fine-tuned this art to become the best style of self-defense, and the most popular style in martial arts competition. BJJ is designed to take the opponent to the ground and subdue him by placing him in an environment that he is not familiar with. From the ground, the BJJ man will simply use the ground fighting skills to finish his attacker.


BJJ is practiced mostly for sport. Unlike most styles of sports, BJJ does not require a lot of size or strength. This style relies on a vast array of techniques that center around leverage. When applied properly, these techniques will enable the small guy to defeat the big, strong guy. Gracie vs Severn, Gracie vs Kimo, Gracie vs Ken Shamrock. These are all examples that show a skilled, small guy can overcome the big, strong guy as proved in the Ultimate Fighting Championship by the legendary Royce Gracie. Thanks to the Gracie family and other great Brazilians, martial artists can add this style to their arsenal of fighting techniques or they can just learn this amazing art just for the fun of it. Perhaps one might venture into the sport arena.

RUSH's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program is under the instruction of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Professor Richard Raciti. Professor Raciti and RUSH are fortunate to be affiliated with BJJ legend Professor Joe Moreira. The 8TH Degree Black Belt teaches seminars around the globe and conducts private lessons. Considered a bona fide authority on jiu-jitsu, Moreira has issued 30 black belts and released a total of 38 instructional tapes that are considered among the best available in the United States. RUSH is one of three Joe Moreira affiliated academies on the east coast.


Specific techniques taught are designed either to improve one's position (for example, to "pass the guard", by going from being "in the guard" to getting around the opponent's legs, resulting in side control); or else as a finishing submissions. Most submissions are either chokes (cutting off the blood supply to the brain) or arm locks (hyperextending the elbow, or twisting the shoulder).

Belt ranks start at white belt, and progress through blue, purple, brown, and then black. It generally takes about 2-3 years of training multiple times per week to be promoted to the next belt rank. However, there is no formal rank test. Instead, rank is about the ability to apply jiu-jitsu techniques in a competitive match. A student generally needs to be able to reliably defeat most other students at a given rank in order to be promoted to the next rank.

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is the term used for combat sports incorporating different styles of fighting such as Muay Thai, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Boxing. The sport of MMA has grown as a result of man’s desire to become better at combat sports resulting in a new and different style of hybrid fighting. The quest to become the best fighter not only in their own martial art style but the best fighter overall has encouraged practioners to take up other styles of fight training.


Master Instructor Richard Raciti has been teaching MMA since 1981. Richard Raciti was combining techniques from different styles almost 30 years ago. Needless to say his style of fighting and teaching did not go over well with the traditional martial arts community, especially his own instructor. He has always felt that his first loyalty was to his students and that he had an obligation to teach what works...regardless of where it originated from. One of Coach Raciti's favorite quotes in regards to learning new techniques is, " If you steal from one person you're a theif...if you steal from everyone you're a researcher".


MMA has become the standard of the competitive side of martial arts. MMA training gives you an opportunity to find out what techniques are most effective, what techniques are sometimes effective and what techniques are not very effective at all. Through MMA training you can develop moves or come up with ideas that actually work for you based on your own individual abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and even disabilities and injuries. Students at RUSH learn and test out their ideas and techniques in a safe and friendly world class training facility to see how well it works in actual competition or self defense situation. Most of the RUSH's MMA students are training because they enjoy MMA and want to get into the best shape of their lives from the ultimate conditioning drills utilized in MMA training. They have no desire to ever enter the cage and fight... they do however enjoy the challenge of training side-by-side with our fight team members, other MMA students, our great coaching staff...and cool music.


RUSH's MMA program combines the best of each discipline in order to make you the best and most well rounded student/ fighter you can be. 


Sil Jun Do®

Sil Jun Do® is only taught to individuals, small groups and families seeking the highest level of defensive training.


Richard Raciti is a personal protection expert and agent. He serves on the Training For Life Team that trains many large corporations as well as the American Red Cross in safety, protection, and workplace violence. He is also the Regional Director for State of the Art Security and is a child safety expert. His approach to self-defense, self-protection, awareness, and escape is based on years of training, research, and hands-on experience in real-world situations.

Sil Jun Do®, literally translated means "The Real Way". It is a trademarked  technically-enhanced tactical system of self defense that is practical, streamlined, effective, proven and street-tested. To put it simply, it is “the real way”.

Students learn and practice practical and easy to perform movements and techniques from far, middle and close range to defend against hostile or aggressive actions in virtually any situation. The training incorporates techniques in a way that utilizes each students natural body type. Emphasis is placed on practicality, not pageantry, in Sil Jun Do® . The most comprehensive and well thought out Knife, gun, and stick disarms as well as justified force techniques are all incorporated into Sil Jun Do®. These are the very same techniques that Mr. Raciti has taught at the International Training Commission's elite Executive Protection Training program which has been seen on FOX TV, Montel Williams, The Colbert Report, as well as many other news segments .

The training is practical and focuses on getting fit and healthy while developing personal awareness and the thought process of a fighter. The flexible structure allows students to eventually modify the techniques to suit their own needs and abilities. Creativity is unlimited, offering students movements and choices with a diverse blend of Eastern and Western styles, concepts, and philosophies. The training is infused with power, focus, intent, and mindfulness. Classes motivate students to get fit and healthy by supporting their desire to explore their ongoing growth process and potential in a fun and thought provoking way. Fitness, health, well-being, personal and family protection, potential, and improved self-esteem result from the magnetic experience of the RUSH's Sil Jun Do® Program.

Sil Jun Do® is a trade-marked tactical system of self defense. RUSH Defense Academy and The EDGE Ultimate Martial Arts are the ONLY schools or academies where you can learn Sil Jun Do®. Certified instructors, permissions for use, and affiliated academies authorized to teach Sil Jun Do® are granted only by Master Instructor Richard Raciti.


 "The Sweet Science"

If you want to learn the basics of boxing and get a great workout than Boxing at RUSH is for you! is for you. Whether you have aspirations of becoming the next world champ, or you're just looking for a great workout and love the art of boxing you will fit right in at RUSH. Many of our students have said that they love our boxing approach after experiencing a "hardcore" boxing club. Our boxing classes cater more to the workout and technique aspect of boxing than strictly the competition side. If you do want to compete we can also accommodate you and get you ready for the ring. We have it ALL... heavy bags, speed bag, focus mitts, jump ropes, and conditioning equipment.


From beginner to professional, RUSH will treat you like a world champion. To Be The BEST...You Must Train With the BEST!