“I’ve been to a lot of different dojo’s and training facilities with instructors claiming to teach effective techniques, but not delivering the goods. Richard Raciti DELIVERS. He has a great facility and puts his students to the test. Whether you are training for competition or want to learn effective self defense techniques… ‘Richard Raciti’ is who you want to bet training with!

UFC Hall of Famer
Dan "The Beast" Severn



Thank you for the opportunity to conduct a seminar at your school, I hope your students enjoyed it as much as I did. You have a very respectful and receptive group of people in your school, and I look forward to returning. Although next time, I will need to schedule some extra time to spend on your land...as long as you promise not to release that 200 pound beast you call a dog.

On a personal note, thanks, to both you and Faith for being such great hosts. It was clear to me that you both went out of your way to ensure I had everything I needed. We will need to return to Everybody's Cafe to harass our waiter again. Do me a favor and go there today to get a menu...that way you will have plenty of time to review every page.


Rich Franklin
UFC Middleweight Champion


I have had the honor and privilege of knowing Rich Raciti for the past 25 years and it is with great pleasure that I offer this personal recommendation and testimonial. Over those years I have witnessed first hand Rich’s skills in the ring as a tournament champion and could not help to admire his proficiency with his hands and feet as well as his expertise in personalized defense. As a Bodyguard to many of the rich and famous I am assigned the task of protecting my clientele and their families. I am also the go-to-guy for advice when they are in need of experts in other fields. I have, and will recommend Mr. Raciti for his expertise in self defense training and fitness.  I find it refreshing and admirable to see how a world champion in fighting, honed his skills to develop a personalized fitness and defense program customized to the students needs - all stemming from his passion and desire to give his students the best that he can. Though I might be biased in regards to Rich’s skills and teaching ability, all one has to do is take a class with him and you will learn that my favorable comments are nothing more than plain, truthful, fact!


Tom Patire

Celebrity Bodyguard

TV and Radio Personality



I have been searching for a worthwhile local martial arts program for years. Most of the other local schools teach Tae Kwon Do, which strikes me as ineffective as a practical, real life self defense discipline. When I first spoke with Richard, his approach seemed different. After studying with Richard for some time, I have concluded that his Sil Jun Do discipline of self defense is both practical and effective, and has quick learning curve. In addition to the physical benefits, I have often commented to Richard that my workouts with him are the best "therapy" that money can buy. My profession as a Wall Street money manager is extremely stressful. Yet, no matter how bad my day at work has been, after working out with Richard, I feel both physically and mentally recharged.


Richard also has extensive experience in executive and personal protection. His insights in this field have helped me to be better prepared to protect myself and family - both at home and while travelling.


I always look forward my sessions with Richard and I insisted that my wife participate in his women's self defense class. I will absolutely enroll my children in his classes when they are a little older. I highly recommend that anyone looking to participate in a martial arts/self defense program take a class with Richard - his program really is above the rest!


Paul J. Bernardsville, NJ


Please Note: Paul's two children, ages 4 & 6  are now training at the academy and Paul is now a 1ST Degree Black Belt in Sil Jun Do



Jesse S


I started with Master Raciti about a year ago after studying Tae Kwon Do for 18 years to learn how to fight on the ground. Not only am I starting to get a ground game going, but my knowledge of stand-up self-defense and sparring techniques has really benefitted by attending a reality-based school instead of a traditionl martial arts school. I'm 50 years old so it is never too late to learn something new- there is no need to be intimidated as the training is tough, but everyone works with you at your skill level and they really want to help you improve your skills!



Dr. Anas Khoury, MD

Coming from a traditional martial arts background to a reality-based system...BIG DIFFERENCE. Stand up, clinch work, self defense and ground work; RUSH is a complete package. No egos or bad attitudes, just hard work is the theme for training from Sil Jun Do to MMA to BJJ. The classes are intense but gratifying, knowing that you are getting better with each session. For me with my schedule, the private lessons with Master Raciti are by far the highlights of my training, allowing me to improve and reinforce techniques that are taught in class. RUSH has something for everyone at any level; you never stop learning.



"As an avid and dedicated martial arts black belt for over 30 years, I have trained under the most well respected martial artists in the country. Yet one stands out from them all...Richard Raciti. He is a "Master's Master". Through one on one training, as well as attending his academy, he has contributed to my martial arts growth both physically and spiritually well beyond my expectations. Unlike the dozens of schools out there, Master Raciti has kept the integrity of the arts intact. His reputation is well known as accomplished instructors from other schools train with Master Raciti to stay at the top of their game. He welcomes all levels from children to seniors with the same warm enthusiasm, embracing your unique personal needs." 

Seth D.



My name is Marc Frank. For approximately ten years, I have been training with Rich Raciti. Before beginning my training with Rich, I trained with the Gracies and other karate styles. Mr. Raciti's teaching skills go far beyond that of anyone else I have ever met. His understanding of how the body functions and the psyche of how the brain operates is what puts him well beyond anyone else. An example of this is that, many years ago, I had ruptured my achiles tendon and he has showed me alternatives to normal ways to get my body to do what it needed to do to still train effectively and not be put at a disadvantage.


For almost twenty five years, I have been a Wall Street Bond Trader. Whether one is a Wall Street Trader, CEO, or a Construction Worker, Mr. Raciti truly understands the mindsets of a wide range of individuals and knows how to push one to the next level. Mr. Raciti truly thinks outside of the box; without even realizing it, one will reach mental and physical goals.


Recently, I have achieved my black belt in Sil Jun Do. I believe in Mr. Raciti so much that my son trains with him as well. You will see us both at RUSH.



Todd Hosier - RUSH student & owner of Next Level Fitness Group, Bedminster, NJ

"As a personal trainer and Muay Thai student I have never trained with anyone like Kru Raciti...his knowledge and attention to detail is unsurpassed - and he is a lot of fun to train with. I recommend him to my clients and would do the same for anyone that wants to train with a true master of the fighting arts."



Master Richard Raciti is a martial artist in the truest sense of the word. Rather than take the tired, traditional route, regurgitating the same techniques over and over again and effectively becoming a “martial mimic”, Master Raciti has, after decades of experience, blended the best techniques from a variety of disciplines to create his own unique and truly effective styles of martial arts. As creator of the Sil Jun Do and Sil Jun Hapkido systems, his creativity and innovation, as well as his no-nonsense approach to teaching and training, have made Richard Raciti one of the areas’ most sought after instructors.

I have had the privilege to train under Master Raciti for approximately seven years and had the honor of working for him as an assistant instructor for a number of those years. I can say with no hesitation that it would have been impossible for me to achieve all that I have in my martial arts training without the benefit of the experience and expertise that he shares with his dedicated students. If you are looking to start your martial arts training, look no further. If you are already a martial arts student and wish to take your training to the next level, do yourself a favor… and take it to The EDGE.


Michael F. Moran

Senior Instructor

ELITE Martial Arts Academy



I have learned so much from Master Raciti. I really enjoy his classes and he is always coming up with new techniques to practice. He is serious about what he does and he loves what he does, I truly admire him because of his dedication towards everything he does. I have realized that I could have stopped my training when my first instructor had left and Master Raciti took over. I am so happy I chose to stay because he changed The Edge into a fantastic academy.

Jordan S. USMC Serving in Afghanistan




I have been training at the Edge for 12 years now, and if there is one thing I've learned it is respect, discipline, and self control. All of these attributes were taught through Master Raciti's vigorous classes; not only are they physically demanding, but you must bring your top mental game to class with you as well.Unlike most traditional Martial Arts academies, where they fight for points, competition, and spend their time learning forms and meditations, the Edge teaches you about real life altercations. It is a proven fact that 99% of all fights will end up on the ground.


Master Raciti has taught me and my fellow classmates how to defend ourselves in such circumstances to the best of our ability. It is said that everyone has something called "fight or flight syndrome," this basically means that in a heated altercation you either stick around to fight or you run away. Master Raciti has taught us what to do in these situations, and I can assure you, most if not all of Master Raciti's students will stick around to fight because of their knowledge and confidence in the matter.


Training at the Edge has made me a better person as well as a performance athlete. Without the balance and flexibility I have acquired in class I would be no where in baseball because I am a pitcher and that is what pitching relies on. Training at the Edge has also made me quick and agile for a person of my weight and structure. I plan on pursuing weight lifting throughout my high school and college years, and without Master Racit's demand for flexibility I wouldn't be able to move in such ways that I do.


The Edge Ultimate Martial Arts is a positive life pursuing career that is in every aspect a great confidence builder as well as an amazing workout for the body and mind. And I definitely suggest that if anyone ever gets the chance to come and train that they do so. You will not regret it for a second.


Sincerely,OJ Y.




Train with Champions, Train like Champions. At The Edge, through hard work and determination Master Raciti helps all his students become Champions. There is nothing like it. Master Raciti’s enthusiasm and knowledge of his craft will have you coming back for more. His ability to keep classes intense and enjoyable for all, from the most experienced Black Belt to the novice White Belt makes all his programs a success. His philosophy and style in the gym can be applied to all facets of life. Failure is never an option. Your kids will learn things you wish you knew at their age, and it’s never too late for you to start. Grab your gear and “Bring it to The Edge”, surround yourself with Champions.